Movie Reviews

Looking for an entertaining movie that isn’t ruined by inappropriate content?  Well look no further!

Visit my daughter Mary’s classic movie blog here or check out the suggestions below.


Pride and Prejudice

The 1995 BBC miniseries starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle is the definitive version of this classic Jane Austen story. Wonderful story of the prejudice that occurred between the 19th century classes and the pride which keeps apart those in love. Fabulous acting, lovely cinematography, and a timeless story combine to make a superb movie that anyone would enjoy.

The Cross and the Switchblade

The true story of courageous minister David Wilkerson (Pat Boone) who is called by God to travel to New York City to work with inner city gangs. Wilkerson’s tenacious fight for the souls of the brutal gangs and hard core druggies is both heartbreaking and inspiring. A Christian movie with a great message. (May be too intense for children)

Calamity Jane

Doris Day as Calamity Jane shines in this irresistible musical. Calamity discovers she has feeling for Wild Bill Hickok (Howard Keel) only to realize that she needs to become more feminine to catch her man. Full of catchy songs and delightful humour. Includes the Oscar winning ‘Secret Love.’

Swiss Family Robinson

A family is shipwrecked on a deserted tropical island. They create a home on the island (centering around a huge tree house) and must learn basic survival skills as well as fight off a band of pirates. An outstanding family movie that will entertain all ages with adventure, drama, and a healthy dose of humor. A real treat.

12 Angry Men

Perhaps you’ve already seen it. If not beg borrow or steal to see this one. You’ll never forget Henry Fonda, “I’m just sayings its possible”. One of the all time great drama’s. A wonderful character study. Will take you through the range of emotions and really make you think. Four stars!

The Major and the Minor

One of the best comedies of all time. So very quotable. “Look at the little fishes with their flopsy wopsy tails”; “Let me slip out of this coat and into a dry martini”; “You beguiling creature”; and so many more. With the fabulous Ginger Rogers who is without a doubt one of the best comedians of the 30’s and 40’s. Will require a little suspension of belief that Ginger could pass for even close to 13 years old.

Treasure Island

Stirring adaption of Robert Louis Stevenson’s pirate tale of 18th-century England and journey to remote island in search of buried treasure. Christian Bale plays Jim Hawkins and Charleton Heston is perfect as Long John Silver. Exciting, realistic and beautifully photographed. “Toasted cheese.” (May be too intense for children)

The Fuller Brush Man

B&W- Red Skelton is mistakenly involved in a murder while valiantly trying to succeed as a door-to-door salesman. A hilarious whodunit with Skelton’s signature physical comedy.

The Counterfeit Traitor

William Holden is a double agent during WW2 who falls in love with Lilli Palmer in the middle of a dangerous mission. Based on a true story. Great espionage movie. Suspenseful and romantic. (May be too intense for children)

The Grapes of Wrath

B&W- Impoverished Okie farmers making the trek to California during the Depression, where the good life they’ve hoped for is well out of reach. Darwell is unforgettable as Ma Joad. Her performance won her a much deserved Oscar. Very moving, emotional, and touching. One of the all time great American movies. “Just a graveyard ghost, that’s all I am.”

The African Queen

Humphrey Bogart and spinster Katherine Hepburn travel downriver in Africa during WW1, combating the elements and the Germans, and each other. Wonderful mix of romance, adventure, and character study. Funny and touching. “Dear what is your first name?”

The Hiding Place

Powerful depiction of Corrie ten Boom’s true life story. For hiding Jews in her home her entire family is sent to concentration camps. She and her dear sister Betsie try to share their faith in the face of unimaginable terror. Starts out a little slow but builds momentum to a griping second half. (May be too intense for children)



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