Poetry Corner




Song: Peace Be Still

Peace be still my child

Your very far from home

Father’s watching over you

There’s no need for you to roam

I long to put my arms around you

Tell you of my love

A welcome home prepared for you

I’m waiting up above

Your life is like a battered ship

Upon the sea of life

Your hopes and dreams are tattered sails

That whisper in the night

But the lighthouse is the Son of God

A’beamin O so bright

Come home come home

Come home dear child come home


My Dad

My Dad is an artist.

He created grass and trees.

My Dad made the oceans.

Even rocks and dirt and leaves.

My Dad can make a bunny

With a tail so soft and white,

Or a great huge Mr. Hippo

That can give you quite a fright.

My Dad is a doctor.

He helps hurting people everywhere.

My Dad can mend a broken heart

And give real love to share.

My Dad can paint a picture

Of hills or sunrise fair.

My Dad’s a good mathematician

Counting sparrows, even hair.

Even though He’s rich and famous,

He has time for me each day

To listen to my problems

He has a lot to say.

I bet you wonder who my Dad is

And why He is so great.

Can any of your Dads

Make love come out of hate?

Can any Dad that you know

Brighten Heaven with wondrous stars unfurled?

I am ready to tell you.

He’s the King of all the world.

The Seeker

Springtime; hues of yellow, red, and violet.
The earth is speaking so I am silent.
A God who whispers, “Are you listening?”
I would, you see, but life is sickening.
Come, show a way to escape from the mess
For everything’s yelling, “You are only a guess!”

Springtime, clouds relaxing, lying in their sunny lawn chairs.
Moon, stars all unchanging circle around me.
I can’t hear you. Are you the man in the moon?
Do you go on vacation and sleep past noon?

Springtime; grass growing, warm breezes embrace my frozen heart
Believing in the solitude of someday, deep waters run free.
Will it be in their reflection I see me
And God is there?

Soft as Rain

The Spirit of the Living God
Descends upon this day.
Lord, bless these humble hands I give.
Lord, bless these feet of clay.

For You alone can guide my way.
You know what’s best for me.
So as I bow my head in prayer
The offering beyond compare
My life I give to Thee.

In the mornings mist I rise
To meet the One who satisfies.
The longing of my heart’s complete.
His love comes gently, oh so sweet,
This Presence
Soft as rain.

By Vivian

Revival Prayer

Lord today take my cold, unfeeling heart
Ignite it with your warm, embracing fire
Till I become one impassioned soul for God
Hearing words of love, I become a prayer

Rescue me from selfishness and wrong desire
Deliver from burdens and lost hope
For I am yours to guide now and eternally
In giving all you showed me how

Refiners fire consume the world in me
Refiners fire consume till I am free
O blessed Son I bend my knee
And find the greatest life that would forever be

Christ in me a holiness was wrought
To see a child who by His blood was brought
Rejoice O soul God’s kingdom has come near
And I have found the peace that cost the Son so dear

By Vivian

A Chance to Love

A chance to love;

To see God’s face everywhere

To warm you heart

To hold your hands in prayer,

A life so precious for it’s in God’s care

A voice cries out to share.

A tree, a rose, a mountain peak

These too of God’s glory speak.

He gave us all so very much

A smile, a friend, their simple touch

And so this night with God surrounds

Its quietness dispels all sound

I come to you, please hear my call

A chance to love is all.

By Vivian



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