A Better Way


When Jesus came to walk among men He had a mandate, a mission to let us know that every word of scripture is true and accurate.  He stood behind all that was written by the prophets and men of God.  He wanted us to understand that everything within the Bible is there for a reason and is a part of knowing God.  The Word is complete.  “With all the earnestness I have I say: Every law in the Book will continue until its purpose is achieved.”  Matt 5:18

The tragic problem is we are all law-breakers by nature.  We disobey the Ten Commandments, we wrong our neighbors, and we dishonor God.  By breaking the law we come under the penalty of death, the automatic consequence for crimes against God.  When Jesus came into the grand picture He paid the full penalty for our misdeeds by way of the cross.  Only He could pay the debt we owed because He was never guilty, the only man without a drop of sin or wrongdoing.  “He met the full demands of the law by fulfilling its strict requirements in His life and in His death.”  William McDonald.  Jesus fully satisfied all that the law demanded.  Now all who trust in Jesus are no longer condemned by the law but instead find that amazing grace and mercy rule.  For believers the Ten Commandments are still valid and vital becoming training in righteousness without the attached death penalty.  Jesus permanently paid our death penalty.  This will never to be the critical issue again.  Jesus teaches us that instead of living under the law we live by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the very One that guided men as they wrote the Bible.  Jesus upholds the law and the prophets but now their inspired words are enlarged and develop a deeper meaning. For example, the Sermon on the Mounts sets a higher standard than that set by the law. Where the law said, “Do not murder” Jesus says, “Do not even hate.”

This is the truth: external righteousness without internal reality is not the message of Christ.  Where there is true faith in Christ there will also be practical Spirit-led living.  In the end we believe with certainty these simple yet profound words, “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.”  I live for Him because He loves me best, the Living Word who fulfilled it all.  He satisfied not only the requirements of the law but also gave me a new and better way guided by the Holy Spirit, the amazing law of Christ!

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Song: Mommy and Me


I’m just a wee little button of a gal

But someday I’m gonna be

Walking and talking and lovin’ God

Mommy and me

      Mommy read me from a book

      Even though I could barely look

      Then she sang to me a song

      Was a pretty tune but my eyes weren’t open long

            Now I’m growing bigger and I’m growing strong

            From my head to my toes

            From my knees to nose

            I’ll grow and grow

                  If you follow the Lord

                 And you follow His Word

                  And remember that Jesus loves me

                  Happy baby, happy child, happy woman I’ll be

                        I’m just a wee little button of a gal

                        But someday I’m gonna be

                        Walking and talking and loving God

                        Mommy and me

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