The Jesus Challenge


    Dear Christian, when we gave our life to Christ we became united with Him.  His desires were to be our desires, His thoughts our thoughts, and living out His will our delight.  But often as the years went by we forgot the pledge we made to love God devotedly, to serve His Son with a faithful as well as grateful heart, and to listen to the reliable and trustworthy voice of the Holy Spirit.  So today let’s step up to take The Jesus Challenge. 

    Are you experiencing a personal relationship with Jesus?  It is the most valuable relationship available on this earth.  It is a once in a lifetime chance to receive the dearest, closest companionship with God’s Son.  He is the perfect combination of tenderness and toughness.  Tender enough to feel our every heartache or sorrow and tough enough to stand against sin wherever it is found. 

    What draws us to Jesus?  There is simply no one like him.  Jesus alone is eternal and full of abundant goodness.  His love surrounds us and holds our lives together.  He is ready to meet our every cry for help.  “I am expecting the Lord to rescue me again so that once again I will see his goodness to me here in the land of the living.”  Ps 27:13  My future is secure because my guide and leader is unchanging. “Yesterday, today, forever, Jesus is the same.  All may change but Jesus never.  Glory to His name.”  Anonymous  Jesus is the true reflection of God’s love.  “God showed how much he loved us by sending his only Son into this wicked world to bring to us eternal life through his death.  In this act we see what real love is: it is not our love for God, but his love for us…”  1 John 4:9,10   “The King of love my Shepherd is, whose goodness faileth never; I nothing lack if I am His and He is mine forever.”  Sir Henry Baker

     This amazing and intimate relationship is given to us from God.  Jesus longs to reveal Himself to you.  Will you respond to The Jesus Challenge and enter this incredible union with the living God?  “God be thanked for that good and perfect gift, the gift unspeakable: His life, His love, His very self in Christ Jesus!”  Maltbie Babcok   Jesus wants you!  He is inviting you to come into His confidence and experience His character.  Dear friends don’t miss out on a close relationship with Christ.  Say yes to the best part of life, friendship with Jesus.

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A Physician’s Cure



    Today believers are in a profound struggle.  A large number of Christians are sick in soul and weak in faith.  We are in need of effective measures for people that seem to be drowning.  Jesus is standing by ready to heal and restore all who humbly come to Him with their failure.  May the redeemed of the Lord raise a mighty shout.  Hurray, for Jesus is near!  He is the Great Physician.  “…People who are well don’t need a doctor.  It’s the sick people who do.”  Mat 9:12   The problem is that every person becomes sick from their sin.  The Bible tells us that humans are drawn toward  wrong.  Temptation calls and we respond instinctively.  “Temptation is the pull of man’s own evil thoughts and wishes.  Theses evil thoughts lead to evil actions and afterwards to the death penalty from God.” James 1:14,15


    God, who is not willing for any to fail, throws us a powerful life preserver to save us from temptation and defeat.  “…He gave us our new lives through the truth of his Word…”  James 1:18  In our new lives we can conquer sin’s pull through God’s unfailing plan.  Sin is like a whirlpool sucking us further and further into darkness but the living Word is our sure rescue.  Did not Jesus resist this world’s adversary through scripture?  “Then Satan tempted him to get food by changing stones into loaves of bread.  ‘It will prove you are the Son of God,’ he said.  But Jesus told him, No!  For the Scriptures tell us that bread won’t feed man’s souls, obedience to every word of God is what we need.’” Matt 4:3,4


    So perhaps the commitment God asks of us would not be so difficult if we would learn to say no to temptation.  Only God’s Word packs the power punch to put to rout temptations pursuit.  “Temptations, when we first meet them, are as the lion that roared upon Samson; but if we overcome them, the next time we see them we shall find a nest of honey within them.”  John Bunyan   Don’t let Satan declare a state of emergency in your life.  Scripture is strong and enables us to prevail over our enemy every time we use it.  Whenever the temptation seems too great we can remember God’s Word is the first responder to all our emergencies.  God’s Word remains strong and faithful to save.  Will you put your trust in God’s certain way to succeed against temptation?



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Free at Last


    I have a belief that if people really knew what God accomplished for them at the cross they would line up for blocks for a chance to receive Christ.  Collosians 2:10 says, “you have everything when you have Christ.”  Friends, the word “everything” means all we need to live brand new lives.  Let’s take a closer look at what God did to make this new life in Christ possible. 

    First, the Son of God conquered sin and all its deceptive power.  “He died once for all to end sin’s power.”  Rom 8:36  Now for all believer’s this is a very relevant and important question.  Should we keep on sinning when we don’t have to?  “For sin’s power over us was broken when we became Christians…” Rom 6:2

    Secondly, the Son of God conquered death.  “Death no long has any power over him.”  Rom 6:9  Norman McCleod shares some wonderful insights about death.  “We picture death as coming to destroy; let us rather picture Christ as coming to save.  We think of death as ending: let us rather think of life as beginning; and that more abundantly.  We think of losing; let us think of gaining.  We think of parting, let us think of meeting.  We think of going away; let us think of arriving.  And as the voice of death whispers, ‘you must go from earth.’ Let us hear the voice of Christ saying; ‘You are but coming to Me!’”

    Thirdly, the Son of God has conquered Satan’s power.  “…God took away Satan’s power to accuse you of sin and God openly displayed to the whole world Christ’s triumph at the cross where your sins were all taken away.” Col 2:15 Because Christ gained victory over sin, death, and Satan’s power we can wholeheartedly agree with Romans 8:12 which says, “So dear brothers, you have no obligation whatever to your old sinful nature to do what it begs you to do.” 

    We now live changed lives no longer ruled by the dictates of our human nature.  We are no longer in bondage to human relationships, our circumstances, or past hurt.  The great compassion and kindness of God reigns over us with a sweetness and joy that cannot be denied.  God’s kindness and love triumphed over our pride, self-will, even our painful memories.  God doesn’t just help us, he does much more.  He has won the victory over the wrong desires within us.  We are now free to live a fruitful and rewarding life under Christ’s direction. “– for you are back from death and you want to be tools in the hand of God, to be used for his good purposes.”  Rom 6:13 Will you thank God today for leaving nothing undone enabling us to live a victorious Christian life?

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Wisdom From Above


“The price of wisdom in above rubies.” Job 28:18  How amazing that such a treasure as wisdom is available for each person who turns to God.  He is the God of intelligence, creativity, discernment, and inspiration.  “For the reverence and fear of God are basic in every other kind of understanding.”  Prov 9:10  He has secured all the rights as well as the patent to true wisdom.  “In him lie hidden all the mighty untapped treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”  Col 2:3  As we recognize His absolute brilliance we will begin a  relationship with the God of the universe.

There are times as believers we are caught playing the fool.  We become so busy rushing around meeting demands and schedules that we forget to consider how we are living our life.  Are we truly seeking to live by the wisdom of God’s Word?  For example, we are specifically instructed to live under “a light burden and easy yoke.” Matt 11:30  The ability to apply God’s wisdom to our life depends on how much of the scripture is in us and guides us.  The Bible is a supernatural book that when applied gives us many incredible benefits.  “Don’t be conceited, sure of your own wisdom.  Instead, trust and reverence the Lord, and turn your back on evil, when you do that then you will be given renewed health and vitality.”  Prov 3:7  It is crucial to remember that this temporal life is only our trial run.  Preparing for eternity is the wisest thing we can do.  We get ready for our real life ahead by living under the direction of scripture.  John Tillotson said it so well.  “He who provides for this life, but takes no care for eternity is wise for a moment, but a fool forever.” 

    The wisdom of God is for the asking but it includes a warning, must be taken with faith.  We must simply believe what the Bible says enough to act upon it.  “If you don’t ask with faith, don’t expect the Lord to give you any solid answer.”  James 1:8   Friends, we need answers.   Many times we are in desperate need to hear from God.  All who call on his name must believe he will do what he says. “Oh what a wonderful God we have!  How great are his wisdom and knowledge and riches!  Rom 11:33   In this new year will you rededicate your life to seeking the God of eternal wisdom?

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